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The Law Offices of Attorney Jakub Lisicki offers comprehensive legal and consulting services to Polish (particularly clients located in Silesia) and foreign clients in the following branches of the law:

  • civil law,
  • criminal law,
  • family law,
  • business & company law,
  • insurance and reinsurance law

Legal services rendered by Law Offices of Attorney Jakub Lisicki among other things include:

  • immediate ad hoc oral or written legal advice,
  • legal advice on an ongoing basis,
  • drafting legal opinions,
  • representation before the Courts and administrative bodies in cases within scope of civil law, criminal law, family law, business and administrative law,
  • participation in negotiations of terms of commercial contracts,
  • registering of companies, foundations, associations, foreign company branches,
  • drafting articles of association, regulations etc.,
  • business advisory, assistance in business,
  • mediation and conciliation of disputes,

  The above mentioned services are rendered for individual and corporate clients, including:

  • private entrepreneurs,
  • civil partnerships,
  • companies and commercial partnerships,
  • foundations,
  • associations,
  • state enterprises,
  • local government units, etc.

Legal services are offered in Polish and English

Exemplary list of offered services:

Individual clients Corporate clients

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