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Attorney Jakub Lisicki
43-300 Bielsko Biała
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The Law Offices of Attorney Jakub Lisicki is a young, dynamically expanding Law Firm, established in February 2010, located in downtown Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

The firm’s mission is to protect the legal rights of its individual and corporate clients. The main goal of the firm is to help clients overcome legal problems, enabling them to achieve success in their private life and business.

The firm offers high quality professional legal services in the form of individual orders or an ongoing legal service. The Law Offices of Attorney Jakub Lisicki is characterized by its individual approach to each client, aiming to create long-term partnerships based on mutual respect, trust, discretion and competence.

Each case is analysed in detail in regard to all of its legal aspects and consequences, in order to prepare the most suitable solution for the client’s private and business interests. Our firm's principle is to limit the number of case we undertake simultaneously, in order to maintain the ability to be fully engaged in the case in hand and to continue good relations with our clients.

The above motto is the reason why each client may be aware that his affairs have been entrusted to a professional, and that his case will be treated with due attention.

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